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2023 UMB 5-Pins World Championship Women’s Individual in Hall in Tirol, Austria

Hall in Tirol November 12th, 2023.

Daniela Romiti won and with this, she will always be the holder of the first 5-Pins Women’s World Championships.

Hall in Tirol the place, on November 12, 2023, the date, an enthusiastic public celebrated and cheered the Italian player who beat her compatriot Cristina Pulcini 3-1, who accumulated great tension during the competition and whose happiness shone with her silver medalist, Charlotte Koefoed from Denmark and Lucía Bionlillo from Italy completed a podium that would go down in billiard history.

It was a special world championship that had the recognition of the public who also showed a higher level than expected.

Fernando Requena said: “A championship begins when the first point is made. Today here and thanks to these magnificent players we have started the championship for women’s billiards in the five Pins at the UMB. “Let’s play the game!”

Great organization carried out by the Austrian Billiard Federation, which had the participation and dedication of an enthusiastic team of volunteers and referees and the wise direction of Andreas Felser, congratulations to its president Herbert Thuer, and all those who made it possible.