We are Billiards. From our inception in 1990 to our ongoing pursuit of inclusion in the Olympic Games, our growth, authority and presence in the sporting world is uncontested.

August 30, 1990

The intended creation of WCBS is discussed at the first convention, in Bristol (GBR)

January 25, 1992

WCBS was officially formed at the inaugural General Assembly in Yverdon-les-Bains (SUI)


Provisional membership of Global Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF) granted

February 5, 1998

WCBS receives Outright Recognition from the International Olympic Committee (IOC)


Participation in World Youth Games in Moscow (RUS) and Bangkok Asian Games (THA)

Late 1998

Accepted as full member of GAISF

August 2001

Participation in the Akita World Games

July 2022

Participation in the Birmingham World Games


Ongoing participation in The World Games

WCBS empowers our member federations (UMB, WPA and IBSF), which represent the major disciplines of Billiards (Carom, Pool and Snooker) to each regulate, promote and develop their respective disciplines, while respecting the aims and ideals of our sport.

From federations to players to fans and across all walks of life, WCBS aims to unite the global Billiards community. Together we strive to inspire, excite and share the passion of Billiards as a sport to a new generation of players, while solidifying our global stature with inclusion into international multi-sport events.

Founded in 1992, WCBS is a member of ARISF and GAISF and is the only authority in Billiards Sports that is recognized by the International Olympic Committee.


Farouk El Barki

Farouk El Barki

Ian Anderson

Ian Anderson

Vice President


Vice President
Diane Wild

Diane Wild

Secretary-General and Treasurer
Marcin Krzeminski

Marcin Krzeminski

Anti-Doping Director
Fernando Requena

Fernando Requena

Media Director


Sports Director
James Leacy

James Leacy

Board Member
Shane Tyree

Shane Tyree

Board Member
Jorgen Sandman

Jorgen Sandman

President Emeritus


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While retaining and respecting the complete autonomy and independence of each Member, the governing bodies for Carom, Pool and Snooker, in the administration and running of their disciplines, the aims and objectives of the WCBS are;

i) Sports Policy

To adopt a sports policy that is not in conflict with the IOC’s rules as set forth in the Olympic Charter, notably the adoption and implementation of the World Anti-Doping Code as well as the Olympic Movement Code on the Prevention of Manipulation of Competitions.

ii) Values

To promote and develop Billiards Sports based on human rights, democratic principles and social values of universal fraternity and solidarity, through international administrations and competitions, irrespective of nationality, race, religion, gender or politics.

iii) Recognition and Inclusion

To develop a close liaison with the IOC (including the ARISF and the ASOIF), the GAISF, and all other MSE organisations, in order to obtain optimal recognition for Billiards Sports and the WCBS. To seek inclusion of Billiards Sports in the Olympic Games, the World Games and all other MSE including two or more continents, as well as to assist regional bodies for inclusion of Billiards Sports into regional MSE.

iv) Promotion

To promote Billiards Sports internationally, especially to the youth of the world.

v) Rules and Format

To standardize competitive rules, guidelines and format of play for Billiards Sports worldwide.

vi) Regional and National Bodies.

To advise and assist in the formation of Regional and National federations of Billiards Sports, and to promote the recognition of Billiards Sports by NOC’s whenever needed.

vii) Activities and Rules

To print and publicize the activities, events and rules of the WCBS and of other sports organizations connected to Billiards Sports.

viii) Public Relations

To promote and advertise all Billiards Sports via public sports authorities, NOC’s, press media, television networks, Internet, etc., and maintain a regular information network between the Members.

ix) Referees

To liaise with the Referees Association under each Member and maintain a register of qualified International Referees for deployment in WCBS and/or MSE events.

x) Education

To promote proper education of Instructors and Coaches through recognized academies in order to enhance the skill levels of play.

xi) WCBS Events

To develop WCBS events including disciplines from all Members, for men, women and youth in both individual and team formats.

xii) Anti-Doping and prevention of the manipulation of competitions

The WCBS recognizes the WADA Anti-Doping Code and is determined to do its outmost in order to keep Billiards Sports free from any and all performance-enhancing drugs. The WCBS Anti- Doping Rules are in accordance with the WADA Anti-Doping Code. The WCBS is determined to do its outmost in order to protect all competitions from the risk of manipulation and recognize the Code on the prevention of the manipulation of competitions.

xiii) Other Objectives

To do all other things necessary, that are incidental and conducive to the attainment and enhancement of the aims and objectives of the WCBS.

Download the full WCBS Constitution.

In partnership with

World Anti-Doping Agency Code

The World Confederation of Billiards Sports fully supports and adopts the World Anti-Doping Code. All governing bodies for the various affiliated disciplines undertake pre-competition inspections of all venues carried out to ensure safety standards are met and are in line with local legislative requirements. Onsite medical staff is in place at all times during events. Guidance on prohibited substances is circulated to players.

The WCBS and its affiliated governing bodies have Anti-Doping Rules and regulations that are in force through all competitions.

WCBS Anti-Doping Structure
WCBS Anti-Doping Disciplinary Decisions
2022 WCBS International Level Athletes
2017-22 WCBS Anti-Doping Report

The 2023 International Standard Prohibited List
The 2022 International Standard Prohibited List
2020 Anti-Doping Testing Figures
Learn more about WADA at wada-ama.org

Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE)

WCBS recognizes the decisions of the national TUE committees. Competitors having TUE decisions must inform about those facts to the organizers of international Billiards tournaments – at least 30 days before the world and continental championships and 20 days before the other events. In case of any doubts, the tournament organizer may request confirmation of the player’s status by contacting the WCBS Anti-Doping Committee at the information below.

Therapeutic Use Exemptions At-A-Glance
Therapeutic Use Exemption Application Form

WCBS Anti-Doping Committee

Marcin Krzeminski (Poland) – Chairman
Jim Leacy (Ireland) – Member
Herbert Thuer (Austria) – Member
Grieta Steenkamp (South Africa) – Member

+48 602 196 206


The WCBS Athletes Council has representatives from the three Billiards Disciplines that make up WCBS.


UMB: Martin Horn (Germany) – maexho@gmx.de

WPA: Oscar Dominguez (USA) – ozzymen03@gmail.com

IBSF: Dr. Muhammed Leysi (Turkey) – mleysi@bilardo.gov.tr