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5-Pins World Championships in Calangianus, Italy – Andrea Quarta is the New World Champion

Calangianus , September , 24th  2022

What a triumph for Andrea Quarta! At the just-finished World Championships in 5-Pins- Billiards, the 40-year-old Italian won the title and thus secured his second World Championship after 2008.

In front of his home crowd in Calangianus/Sardinia, Quarta played a great final against the Argentinean Ricardo Dieguez, which he won in the end with 4:0 sets.

In the first set, the Italian immediately built up a lead, but his Argentinean opponent equalized and even took the lead a little later. It was only at the end of the set that Quarta scored a total of 16 points in two innings so that he could secure the important first set.

In the second and third sets, Quarta played almost flawlessly and did not give Dieguez much of a chance. He won both sets with 60:31 and 60:30 and took a 3:0 lead. The countless Tifosi were already thrilled at this point and celebrated their superstar loudly.

As if inspired, Quarta continued to play in the fourth set, while Dieguez missed one or two good chances. Thus, after around eighty minutes of play, Andrea Quarta was able to win the fourth set and with it the winner of the World Championship.

Earlier today, Andrea Quarta had already shown his class and defeated his compatriot Ciro Davide Rizzo in the first semifinal smoothly with 4:0. Defending champion Rizzo was well in the running in three of the four sets, but lost them with 47:60, 42:60, and 46:60. Quarta won the second set with 60:14 and thus very clearly in his favor.

The second semifinal between Ricardo Dieguez and the Italian Severino Marchioretto told a different story. The first four sets were shared by the opponents so that the score was 2:2. In the fifth set, it was initially the Italian who gained an advantage. But Dieguez soon came back and took the lead. At 48:42, he scored twelve points and won the set.

The sixth set was even more exciting, with Marchioretto initially on the winning track before Dieguez scored twelve points at 46:50. The Italian scored another six points, but the Argentinean finished the game with another six points in the next inning. That secured his place in the final.

This brings this year’s 5-Pins World Championships to an end, which saw an excellent host and numerous great matches. All athletes will certainly remember these world championships for a long time. Countless spectators followed the Livestream and on the last two days of the tournament, the Italian broadcaster Rai Sport was also on-site and presented the matches live in its program.

All results and further information can be found on the website of the world federation UMB at www.umb-billard.org.

Numerous photos as well as press reports can be found here:

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Caliangianus , September , 24th  2022

The World Championships in 5-Pins billiards are now entering the decisive stage. As of this Friday morning, 32 athletes had still started in Calangianus, Italy, but by the end of the day, only four remained.

A great tournament continues to be played by Italy’s Andrea Quarta and Severino Marchioretto, who both prevailed 4:0 in their quarterfinals. Quarta prevailed against his compatriot Paolo Infortuna, while Marchioretto had Argentina’s Gustavo Longo under control at all times.

The reigning world champion Ciro Davide Rizzo, on the other hand, lost the fourth set in the Italian duel with Paolo Marcolin, but that did not upset him. He came out on top again in the fifth set and booked his place in tomorrow’s semifinals.

The most exciting match was undoubtedly the fourth quarterfinal between Natalino Scorza (Italy) and the last Argentine on the field, Ricardo Dieguez. The latter led 3:1 sets after losing the first set before Scorza had a great comeback and leveled the match.

So the last set had to decide. Scorza got off to a better start and took a 16:3 and 29:10 lead. But Dieguez did not give up and reduced the score to 31:35 and later to 39:45. The Argentinean then even took the lead with eleven points at 50:45 before Scorza turned the tables again.

The tension was now palpable and both players knew that they could not afford any more mistakes. And exactly this mistake was made by the Italian, who actually scored, but his cue ball also went through the pins, so the points went to the Argentinean. Ricardo Dieguez thus prevented an all-Italian semi-final.

Earlier, in the round of 16, the Italian delegation was still represented by a total of eleven athletes, but Santi Caratozzolo and Matteo Gualemi, among others, had to admit defeat here. The reigning European Vice-Champion Kasper Kristoffersen from Denmark was also stopped. The former pool player lost to Severino Marchioretto by 1:4 sets. The best Uruguayan was Diego Capote, who was defeated 0:4 by Paolo Infortuna.

Daniela Ricardo Lopez was already eliminated in the first round. The Italian had to admit defeat in a thriller against Gustavo Longo (Argentina) with 3:4. The last set went 60:49 for the South American.

The new world champion will now be determined on Saturday. The semifinals are scheduled for 10:00 a.m and 01:00 p.m. before the grand final will start at 06:30 p.m. A livestream can be found on the Youtube channel “Billiard Channel”, a live score at: GCS – Il portale del biliardo (gestionecs.com)

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Calangianus , September , 23rd 2022

The group stage of this year’s 5-Pins World Championships in Calangianus/Italy ended late on Thursday evening. The 32 finalists were determined, who will now play in a single knockout to determine the world champion. The matches will be played in a best of 7 sets, whereby a set requires 60 points.

As expected, the event is dominated by Italian and Argentinian athletes. In the draw, which was made last night, there are a total of 14 Italians and ten Argentinians. But the Uruguayans also make up a considerable delegation with four athletes. The field of the top 32 is completed by two Danes, one Swiss and one German.

A total of seven of the eight preliminary round groups were won by Italian athletes. Group A saw reigning world champion Ciro Davide Rizzo at the top. He was able to win all seven matches. The same feat was achieved in the other groups by his compatriots Santi Caratozzolo, Natalino Scorza, Daniel Ricardo Lopez, Andrea Quarta, Severino Marchioretto, and Paulo Infortuna.

Only in Group B were two Argentinians at the top, Ricardo Dieguez and Juan Demasi, while Flavio Alberto Ballotta, the first and only Italian in this group, came third.

The final round will feature one clash between two Italians Santi Caratozzolo and Giovanni Primon. There are eight duels between Italians and Argentines, while only the matches between Maximo Fernandez and Diego Capote (both Uruguay) and Emiliano D’Amelio (Switzerland) and the Danish European runner-up Kasper Kristoffersen are without Argentine or Italian participation.

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Calangianus, September, 21st,  2022.

Since yesterday, Tuesday, this year’s World Billiards Championships in 5-Pins take place in Calangianus/Italy. A total of 64 athletes are fighting for 32 places in the final round in eight groups in a round-robin mode.

This means that each participant has to play seven matches best of 5 before the final round continues in best of 7 matches. The defending champion is Davide Ciro Rizzo from Italy, who met his compatriot Andrea Martinelli right at the start of Group A and defeated him in a real thriller with 3:2 sets. In the same group, Eliomar Barrutti from Uruguay currently has three wins, just like Rizzo.

Meanwhile, Group B sees Switzerland’s Ulisse Calzi at the top with three wins out of three matches, while Italy’s Flavio Alberto Ballotta already has one defeat. Argentina’s Juan Demasi and Ricardo Dieguez also suffered defeats.

It’s a thrilling race in Group C, where Italy’s Santi Caratozzolo and Switzerland’s Emiliano D’Amelio are both still unbeaten after three matches. Among others, Caratozzolo narrowly beat his compatriot Paolo Spadaro 3:2, while D’Amelio managed a smooth 3:0 victory over the reigning German champion Michel Peters.

German youngster Max Gabel is still without a loss in Group D. He beat his opponents 3:0 three times in a row and is now at the top of the table. The Argentine Gustavo Longo had to admit defeat to the Uruguayan Maximo Fernandez after two wins in the opening round.

Fernandez, in turn, was defeated 3:0 by Gabel.
Frenchman Nicolas David also has three wins to his name in Group E. This puts him on a par with title candidate Daniel Lopez Ricardo, who is also undefeated after three matches. Behind these two there is a big fight for the next places, as each player already has victories and defeats on his account.

Andrea Quarta is the player to beat in Group F. The Italian had to go the full distance in two matches, but in the end, he always managed to win 3:2 sets. In his last match against Maurizio Gobbi (San Marino) he won clearly 3:0. Right behind him are the Vice European Champion Kasper Kristoffersen (Denmark) and the Argentine Sebastian Paloma. In the direct duel between these two players, Kristoffersen won 3:1.

Also in Group G, Severino Marchioretto, an Italian, leads the table with three wins. Both his compatriot Paolo Marcolin and the German Toni Rosenberg have two wins. The match between Marcolin and Rosenberg went 3:1 to the Italian, while Marcolin lost his match against Marchioretto.

Paolo Infortuna (Italy), meanwhile, leads Group H with three wins. He beat Lautaro Menghi from Argentina 3:1 and thus inflicted the first defeat in the tournament. Italy’s Matteo Gualemi lost 3:1 to Infortuna at the start of the tournament but then showed his best side again with two straight wins.

The group stage will run until late Thursday evening before the final phase of the World Championships begins on Friday. The new title holder will be determined on Saturday evening.

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Calangianus, September, 20th 2022.


Today the 25th World Championship of 5 pins has been inaugurated in the Padiglione Fieristico EXPO in Calangianus (ITA) with the presence of the authorities, Fabio Albieri mayor of the town, Stefano Gibertoni FIBIS Vice-President, Paolo Scaramuzzi organizer of the WC and President of FIBIS Sardinian, Luca Marzio Garavaglia board of CEB and of the 64 players who participate in this edition come from 17 countries.

Fernando Requena (Vicepresident of UMB) has dedicated some emotional words in his official opening for the FIBIS and the Commune of Calangianus and for the participating players.


Calianganus , September 19th 2022

The best players of 5 pins in the world are back in Italy for the 25th edition of the World Championship 5-Pins Individual Open.

Today at the Courthouse of Calangianus, in the presence of Fabio Albieri the Mayor of the Sardinian town, Fernando Requena UMB Vice President, Stefano Gibertoni FIBIS Vice-President, and Paolo Scaramuzzi organizer of the WC and President of FIBIS Sardinian Committee has been presented the most important event for 5-pins players.

The organizing committee has made every effort to offer competitors optimal conditions and an atmosphere conducive to exploits.

We hope you will keep all, players and spectators a memorable memory of this competition.

The World Championship will start on Sept 20 with the opening ceremony at 09.30 am live on Billiard Channel (The Italian Federation YouTube)

Saturday 24 September will be the final day and the 2022 World Champion will be proclaimed.