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AMECC Confederal Championship in Cairo

From May 13 to 15, the 1st Confederal Championship of the AMECC, the African and Middle Eastern Carom Confederation, was held in Cairo. The event was played in 3-Cushion Individuals and Teams with the participation of 24 players from 9 countries, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Palestine, Tunisia, Libya, and Algeria.

In the Individual tournament, Sameh Sidhom was proclaimed Champion with a general average of 1.338 and the Egyptian Abdin Mohamed won the Silver Medal with 0.939, Jordanian Abutayeh Mashhour had an average of 1.080, and Lebanese player Abousaleh Fadi had an average of 0.641.

The national team podium was Gold for Egypt, Silver for Jordan, and Bronze for Lebanon and Tunisia.

A brilliant championship organized by the Egyptian Federation according to the results obtained shows the good evolution of the game in this important area of the World.