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Amee Hits the Highest Break; Becomes Second Woman To Cross 70 in 6Red

Indian player Amee Kamani hit the break of 71 points, which is highest so far in the World Women Snooker 6Red Cup 2020.

With this break, she becomes second women player in the world who crossed 70 points in 6Reds and equalizes Ng On Yee of Hong Kong who scored a similar break in 2019.

In the knockout stage, Amee obtained second seed and was placed to play her quarter-final match against Izabela Łącka of Poland wherein the opening frame, she scored this massive 71 points break.

Though she struggled in the third frame and lost, but after that maintained good control over the game and won 4-1 and confirmed her entry into the medals round.

She will now take on Diana Stateczny of Germany, who defeated another Indian girl Arantxa Sanchis 4-0 in the quarter-final match.