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Asia B beats Europe B in a final thriller

Today the first WCBS-Championship of the World Confederation of Billiards Sports (WCBS) ended in Ankara. Over four days, the spectators saw great billiards sport in four different disciplines on site and in the total of eight livestreams.

A team consisted of eight sportsmen and sportswomen, with Pool, Snooker, 3-Cushion and Heyball being played.
In the final, the B-Teams from Europe and Asia faced each other. While the Europeans were superior in Pool-Billiards due to the victories of Sara Rocha (Portugal) and Poland’s Konrad Juszczyszyn, the Asians won both matches in 3-Cushion. Kim Haengjik and Yuko Nishimoto scored for their team.

In Heyball, Shi TianQi (China) put the Asians in the lead, but Sanjin Pehlivanovic (Bosnia & Herzegovina) equalized for the Europeans again. That left everyone looking to the two Snooker tables, where Amir Sarkhosh (Iran) restored the Asian lead with a 3:2-win over Liam Davies (Wales).

Meanwhile, in the women’s event, Ewa Pawinska (Poland) was leading 2:1 Frames against Vidya Pillai (India) and was clearly on the winning track to 3:1. But as she committed a few fouls in the final phase of the frame, Pillai suddenly had the chance to equalize.

She actually managed to do so a few moments later, and as a 3:2-win for Pawinska would not have been enough for the Europeans to win the match due to the secondary score, the match was concluded. Thus, Team Asia B became the winner of the first ever WCBS Championship!

Earlier today, the two semifinals and the match for third place were as well unrivalled in terms of excitement.

In the first semifinal, the two European teams faced each other. After the eight games, the score was tied 4:4, so the secondary score had to decide between victory and defeat. Here, Europe B had a very narrow lead and entered the final.

The second semifinal between Asia A and Asia B was exactly the same. Once again, the score was tied after the eight matches and once again it was the so-called B team that emerged victorious in the end.

In the match for third place, Europe A and Asia A faced each other and how could it be otherwise, the teams were so evenly matched that the bottom line was a 4:4 draw. In the secondary score, Asia A had the better one and thus won the bronze medal at the premiere of the WCBS Championship.

Fifth and sixth places went to Africa & Rest of the World and Team Americas. After all six teams had first played for the semifinals in a round-robin-system, these two teams failed to make the cut.

See the detailed results from day 4


WCBS would like to thank its sponsors Joy, Andy Cloth, Aramith Billiard Balls, and Zeki Bilardo for their great support, without which this event would not be possible.

In addition, we are happy about the partnership with the Touch PR agency from Germany, which is responsible for photos, press releases and PR measures. Furthermore, we would like to thank the Turkish Billiards Federation (TBF) for their role in hosting this event.


Thank you.