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Carom Billiards Begins Its Journey in China

After a very special 4-day promotion, today we can say that Carom Billiards has finally started its introduction in China.

The UMB, in a historic agreement with the Chinese Billiards & Snooker Association (CBSA), and the cooperation with ACBC, Shanghai City, Xingpai Company, the Billiards Museum, and the Billiards Academy in Shanghai, which its extraordinary facilities, has organized a promotional Exhibition Event in Shanghai with four UMB Top 3-Cushion players: Dick Jaspers, Tayfun Tasdemir, Cho Myung Woo, Quyet Chien Tran, a Referee team from Korea, for this occasion, participated in the event.

Parallel to the scheduled activities of both competitions a promotional practice clinic was, directed to the young players of a school in Shanghai.

Due to this great success, during the meetings that took place in Yushan City on 26th and 27th September 2023, Xingpai Company, the Billiards Museum, and the Billiards Academy requested to repeat the same visit in Yushan City, UMB is studying this second visit with CBSA, with 4 different UMB top players.

Different impressive site visits took place as well as meetings between the UMB President. Mr. Farouk Barki and the invited officials to the Shanghai Event: Mr. Park Bo Hwan, President of ACBC, and Mr. Shin Yong Secretary General, Mr. Wang Tao, Chairman of the affiliated CBSA.

All participants expressed their support for the project and their confidence in an effective development to lead in a few years into the practice of Carom Billiards with the introduction of the first talented Chinese 3-Cushion players to reach an international level.

The interest of Carom Billiards was evident in its first appearance on Chinese platforms. The exhibition event reached a spectator quota of over 4 million viewers through the impressive LIVE streaming of the exhibition matches.

It comes now to the day-by-day work of training players and coaches, providing support to the Billiards Academy, promoting the involvement of the industry, and the continuity of our presence and event organization in China.

UMB thanks Hollywood, Longoni, Hanbat, Theory, Classone, and Dynaspheres for their contribution to the realization of this 3-Cushion promotional event in China.

Thanks to all the participants in this project, we are all ready to start and anxious to reach our goals.