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Flashback to 2020 – Lights-On Towards 2021

Dear billiards friends,

We started the year 2021 with good news, with the confidence that conditions will improve quickly, and that the situation will soon return to “normal” distancing, as the COVID-19 Worldwide vaccination progresses.

We hope that we all safely will return to our daily activities and that we will finally stop suffering from this tragic pandemic.

Our sport, like all other sports, will then resume its international events, following the recovery of national sports activities as their COVID_19 situation will permit.

What international billiards events can we expect at the start of 2021, with the imposed COVID-19 restrictions, locally and at Continental level?

From Korea: Two ladies Grand-prix tournaments recently announced by UMB Partner FIVE&SIX International, with the presence of reigning World Champion Therese Klompenhouwer (Netherlands), and top players Sruong Pheavy, Jieun-Han, Jina Kim and Shinyoung Lee, will take place in Seoul at the MBC TV studios and will be LIVE Broadcasted on MBC TV and the Social Media as well.

From Europe: in collaboration with Kozoom.com, with the organization of the JUMBO DUKE CHALLENGE, professional invitation tournament to be held in the Netherlands, that will be LIVE broadcasted live by Ziggo Sport TV as well as on Kozoom.com and the social media and the upcoming C.E.B. event Kozoom 3-Cushion Challenge Cup and Classic Race Challenges with the participation of the top players from the European ranking.

The UMB is constantly monitoring the situation and is ready to restart the international calendar as soon as the safety of participants is guaranteed, and the international travel and quarantine conditions are normalized.

Finally, we would like to express our gratitude to the national federations and their local event organizers, to our sponsors, the involved broadcasting companies and all related persons and enterprises, for their efforts and perseverance in achieving the resumption of national and continental activities, with new lights-on towards the end of the pandemic restrictions.

Wishing you all to stay healthy and looking forward to better times.

Lausanne, January 10th , 2021