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Georgiou Lifts the World 6Red Snooker Title

Michael Georgiou won the World Men 6Red Snooker Championship 2023 here in Doha, Qatar after defeating the 2021 World Snooker Champion Ahsan Ramzan of Pakistan 6-4. This is his second world title in IBSF after winning the World Junior Snooker title in 2007.

Georgiou made five breaks throughout the match but they both won alternate frames till 4-4. After that, Georgiou accelerated and made a scintillating clearance of 71 to break the alternate sequence.

In the 10th frame, Georgiou started well but after a few shots, he missed out leaving a good opening for Ahsan, which he also used to accumulate certain points.

He was in a good position to claim the frame and to set the decider but played some pressure shots and missed, which Georgiou punished quality pots to claim his second IBSF World title.

The joint bronze was shared by home favourite Ali Alobaidli, and Muhammad Naseem of Pakistan.