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Great Success for Malaysia in the World Men Team Snooker Championship 2022

Malaysian Teams, Team 1 and Team 2 have both won the medals at the World Men Team Snooker Championships held in their country’s capital city Kuala Lumpur.

Where Team Malaysia 2 comprises Thor Chuan Leong and Mohd. Reza Hassan won the Bronze medal, their key players in Team Malaysia-1 Moh Keen Hoo and Lim Kok Leong brought back the title to Malaysia after a wait of 7 years. The duo were winners in the 2015 edition of World Men Team Championship held in Karachi, Pakistan and now once again they both become the World Men Team Snooker Champion. The final was played in the best of 7 frames format where Moh Keen Hoo and Lim Kok Leong defeated Team Thailand (Kritsanut Lertsattayathorn and Jongrak Boonrod) 4-2 to lift the trophy.

This partnership mesmerized the spectators and the snooker world with their perfect alignment, compatibility and understanding of each other’s technique all the way to win this title. Where Lim Kok Leong stayed in attacking form throughout the championship, Moh Keen Hoo focused more on execution of safeties and tactical play plus excellent potting wherever required to control the matches.

In the group stage, they both won two matches and lost to the same team Thailand 2 to qualify as No.2 from the group. In knockouts first they defeated India-4 (Shahbaaz Adil Khan / Vijay Nichani) 4-1, then Russia (Ivan Kakovskii / Andrey Gladyk) 4-3 to confirm the medal.

In the semis, they knocked out Pakistan (Babar Masih / Ahsan Ramzan 4-2 to advance to the final.

Today Moh Keen Hoo won the first frame but Lim lost the second frame to Kristanut. Further they lost the doubles frame too to trail 1-2.

In the fourth frame, Moh Keen Hoo played an excellent game and placed a frame winning break of 74 points to level the match. In the next frame Lim kept Jongrak at bay and won the frame 59-1 to put Malaysia in a strong place.

In the next doubles frame, they took the initial lead before a round of safeplay and then Moh Keen Hoo accumulated a few more points to strengthen the lead.

However, Thailand attempted many safe shots, but both Malaysian boys countered each of them with precision. Later Lim Kok took a brave shot to long pot brown from a dicey angle and succeeded to carry on for the remaining colour ball and won the championship.

With that the IBSF successfully concluded five world championships i.e. World Team Masters Snooker, World Men and Women 6Reds Snooker, World Billiards and World Men Team Snooker during these last 16 days in Malaysia.

Next after a break of 25 days, the Team IBSF will proceed to Turkey for the upcoming World Snooker Championships for the Men, Women and Masters categories.

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