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Han Yu Victorious at the Women’s WPA China Open 9 Ball

Han Yu Clinches Victory Over Liu Shasha in Thrilling Women’s WPA China Open 9-Ball Championship.

Han Yu, a formidable contender in the women’s world of billiards, emerged triumphant once again as she defeated fellow women’s world champion Liu Shasha with a score of 9-7 in a thrilling showdown to secure her second Women’s WPA China Open 9-Ball Championship title.

The match unfolded as a tightly contested affair, with both players displaying remarkable skill in the alternate break format. With the score locked at 6-6 in a race to 9, victory hung in the balance, and it was anyone’s game to claim. Ultimately, Han Yu exhibited her composure and determination, securing the final two frames to clinch the match and seal her well-deserved victory.

Photographs are provided courtesy of Alison Chang.