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International Biathlon-Teams Cup Open 2023

The EXPO of Calangianus was ready this morning to show the final stage of this amazing competition.

In the morning session the two semifinals were planned.

On the main TV table the all-Italian team of Marco Zanetti and Michelangelo Aniello faced Luc Tran Thanh (Viet Nam) and Daniel Lopez (Italy). Zanetti made immediately clear his intentions scoring the 25 points of the carom fraction in only 6 innings, his opponent could only score 11 points. Consequently the road to the victory for Aniello in the 5-pins fraction was cleared. The final score was 200-154 for the Italians.

On the other table there was a different story.  Tat Hoa Nguyen (Vietnam) and Rocco Summa (Italy) played against Minh Hoan Viet Thon (Viet Nam) and David Martinelli (Italy). In the carom fraction the match was quite balanced: Nguyen won 25-21 in 18 innings. Hence the 5-pins fraction was a nail biting match where Summa could only benefit of a 16 points advantage. Martinelli pursued tenaciously at close distance until the end but it was Summa to score the last decisive points stopping the scoreboard at 200-198.

The final:

Zanetti / Aniello vs Nguyen / Summa

In the final match Marco Zanetti performed again very strongly against the Vietnamese Nguyen Hoa Tat that fought back showing his talent. However Marco closed the match with the score of 25-13 in 13 innings, giving to his team a strong advantage.  Once the multiplier was applied Summa had to face Aniello starting from 52-100 to a final distance of 200, which was too much for him.

The Zanetti / Aniello team finally won this first exciting edition of the International Biathlon-Teams Cup Open in front of a large cheering audience in the Calangianus EXPO.

Winners: Marco Zanetti and  Michelangelo Aniello (Italy)

Runners-up: Tat Hoa Nguyen (Vietnam) and Rocco Summa (Italy)

Third place: Luc Tran Thanh (Viet Nam) and Daniel Lopez (Italy)  –  Minh Hoan Viet Thon (Viet Nam) and David Martinelli (Italy)

Photos by: Marco Ladu



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