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Liam Davies Wins a Second Consecutive Title

After winning the World Under-16 snooker championship, Liam Davies of Wales has now sensationalized the world of snooker with his commendable win in the World Under-18 Snooker championship. Today in the final that was played at Sports Hall of the Polytechnic University of Bucharest in Romania, Liam defeated the 2019 World Under-16 Snooker Champion Antoni Kowalski of Poland 4-3.

The journey to the final was not that easy for Liam despite that he maintained his upper hand in all the matches he played. He started his first match of the competition with a frame loss and then converted the same into a match win followed by topping the group after winning all three matches 3-1, 3-0, 3-0.

For the knockouts, Liam obtained 3rd seed and at first, he met Nikita Bazilevics (Latvia) whom he defeated 3-1 followed by Yazdan Mokarram Dorri (Iran) 3-1 and Thitiphong Choolasak (Thailand) 4-2 to reach the final.

On the other side, 2019 World Under-16 snooker champion Antoni Kowalski of Poland made it thru to the final defeating Yaron Boror of Israel 3-0, Dhruv Patel (India) 3-1, Shahin Sabzi (Iran) 3-2 and Seyed Arsalan Bagheri (Iran) 4-0.

The final was certainly one of the best matches that could be any side till the last moment. Liam got his first breakthrough to win the first frame but lost the second on 3 points difference. In the third frame, Liam returned with a break of 95 points to lead when Antoni put him on check with two frame wins to reverse the lead 3-2.

In the sixth frame, Liam initiated with a break of 38 points when he missed black on the top pocket. From there Antoni cleared all the remaining reds and scored a break of 60 points. He had a golden chance to clear the table and win the title but he miscalculated the yellow that give Liam an opportunity to return to the game. He cleared till blue but again stuck on pink. From where the game of snooker began because Liam gave a foul on black in an attempt to pot pink. However, he succeeded to place the snooker and return to win the frame and set the decider.

Liam started scoring in the deciding frame on scattered balls and accumulated 48 points. Then he added some more points having the aid of a few well-placed snooks. Thereafter he scored the title-winning break of 33 points to add the World Under-18 trophy to his bag, which already has the under-16 trophy from last week.