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Liam Davies Wins the 2022 World U16 Snooker Championship

BUCHAREST: Liam Davies from Wales has won the World Under-16 Snooker Championship 2022. In the final, Liam knocked out Bulcsu Revesz of Hungary 4-2 in the best of seven frames, scoring three breaks of 54, 40 and 60 in the 1st, 2nd and the last frame i.e. 6th.

After topping his group by winning all four matches, Liam defeated Indian player Mayur Garg 3-0 in the Last-16 stage where he scored century breakof 104 points and then in quarter finals, he defeated Kwan Chun Wong of Hong Kong 3-0 having breaks of 66, 83 and 63 in all three frames.

Liam was unstoppable and even in semi-final match against Steven Wardropper of Scotland, Liam scored four breaks of 47, 42, 72 and 50 in all four frames.

from the other side, Bulcsu Revesz had also also topped his group by winning all four matches in the group. Later he knocked out Roman Blakyta of Ukraine (3-0), Nikita Bazilevics of Latvia (3-0) and Mykhailo Larkov of Ukraine (4-0) on way to the final.

In the final, Liam took initial lead of 2-0 having breaks of 54 and 40 in first two frames. Although Bulcsu was leading by 46-18 in the second frame but that classy break of 40 points gave advantage of 2 frames to Liam. Bulcsu succeeded to secure 3rd frame but again Liam sealed fourth frame to maintain his lead.

However, Bulcsu managed to cut the deficit by winning the fifth frame with a break of 78 points. But in sixth frame, Liam did not give any chance to Bulcsu and sealed the frame 86-00 with a match winning break of 60 points to win 4-2.