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New WCBS Anti-Doping Rules Adopted

The World Anti-Doping Agency has approved the new WCBS Anti-Doping Rules. The WCBS Anti-Doping Committee composed of Marcin Krzemiński – Chairman and Herbert Thuer and James Leacy – Members, worked for several months on changes in global regulations.

The first version was sent to WADA in October 2020. Finally, after the introduction of amendments, the preparation of the document was completed in December 2020. The 60 pages contain, inter alia: the definition of doping, the rules of testing and investigations, sanctions of individuals and teams, sanctions by WCBS against other sporting bodies, the rules of confidentiality, and transfer of sensitive data and prohibited list.

According to the sports law, all signatories are required to comply with the New Anti-Doping Code by WADA from January 2021. All sports organizations recognized by the International Olympic Committee had to amend their regulations by the end of December 2020.

Read the full WCBS Anti-Doping Code.