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Only a Month and a Half Left Until the WCBS Championship Kielce 2024!

Poland will once again host a large billiards event. After the 9-ball World Championship and the Polish 10-ball Open, it is time for the second WCBS Championship, which will be held in Kielce on July 25-28, 2024. The tournament sponsors have been announced.

We are pleased to announce that the WCBS Committee has completed the tender process. Tournament participants will play Carom 3-Cushion on MIN Table, Heyball on JOY Table, 10-Ball Pool on RASSON Table, and Snooker on WIRAKA Table. ARAMITH Billiard Balls and ANDY Cloth will be the other exclusive sponsors.

The event will take place at the Grand Hotel Kielce, which is known for hosting many international billiards events. WCBS Championship Kielce 2024 will start on Thursday, July 25, and will end on Sunday, July 28. Player lists are being compiled.

During the WCBS Championship Kielce 2024, the best continental teams will face each other in four billiards disciplines: Carom 3-Cushion, Heyball, Pool 10-Ball, and Snooker. A total of 48 players and several staff members will come to the capital of the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship.

Six teams will take part in the competition: Europe A, Europe B, Asia A, Asia B, Americas, and Africa & Rest of the World. Each team consists of eight players (four male and four female). The total prize pool is $140,000.

The live broadcast of the event will be available on TVsports.pl. Dariusz Góral will be responsible for broadcasting the live results.

Ahead of the competition, please refer to all the important information released by WCBS here –

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