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O’Sullivan Falls in Love with 3-Cushion in Yushan

Yushan, March 16th.

The second presentation of carom billiards in Yushan (China) could not have started better, good news regarding the collaboration with the Chinese federation – CBSA – that will present its first participant in the 3-Cushion Asian Championships, it is a certainly historic moment, a country opens Full of enormous possibilities and with the capacity for rapid development, billiards is developing an enormous increase in China in general and in Yushan in particular and we hope that carom will also be a participant in that journey.

Now, as we reported, Carom will be the protagonist in the next two years of competitions at the highest level in multidisciplinary competitions in Asia, the Asian Games will also join this promotion, and of course the games of the Asian Confederation where China will debut.

The UMB is hopeful that this will help add other countries to our association and that this effort will be useful for the future of our sport.

Today we enjoyed the presence of a luxury spectator, Ronnie O’Sullivan, the legend and great leader of world snooker, who wanted to share and meet the best carom players who traveled to Yushan, he observed their plays and techniques and enjoyed the session with us. See video.

Yushan brings together international billiards on the opening of the billiards museum made with extraordinary effort and investment, a true beacon for our sport in the world.