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Panchaya Lifts Her Maiden World Title

Panchaya Channoi of Thailand has now become the World Under-21 Women Snooker Champion after defeating Indian player and former World U16 Women Snooker Champion Anupama Ramachandran in an almost one-sided final played at the Sports Hall of the Polytechnic University of Bucharest in Romania, Liam. This is Panchaya’s maiden world title.

The best of seven frames final was mostly dominated by Panchaya where she won the first frame 82-42 and then she made a break of 36 points in the second frame but failed to give closure and Anupama levelled the match 1-1.

After that Panchaya returned more aggressively and crafted two breaks of 30 and 37 to dominate the third frame. She continued her dominance in the fourth frame as well and she won 65-03 to lead 3-1.

In the fifth frame, Anupama attempted to recover but she failed to capitalize to build a big brake and on every chance, Panchaya kept scoring and finally registered a 4-1 win to lift the title.