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Pankaj Advani Wins his 25th World Title

Pankaj Advani from India won his career’s 25th world title today at the High End Snooker Club in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia where he won the World Billiards (150-Up) Championship for the year 2022. In the final of best of seven games, Pankaj defeated his compatriot Sourav Kothari 4-0 in a one-sided battle.

Pankaj started with an opening break of 149 and obtained the first game lead. In the second game, he took the initial lead and gave a chance where Sourav scored 31 points and went out of position. Pankaj then returned to the table and sent another break of 77 points to cement his lead 2-0.

In the third game, Sourav again started with some good shots but he missed after scoring 12 points and from there Pankaj crafted an unfinished break of 153 to take a strong lead of 3-nil.

The match had already turned into a one-sided affair for Pankaj and Sourav had nothing to do much, despite putting in his last efforts in the 4th game but again faltered after scoring 29 points. Pankaj instantly punished that mistake with another break of 60 and then 86 to confirm the 25th World title for him.

Being Semi finalists, Praput Chaithanasukan from Thailand and S. Shrikrishna from India received bronze medals.