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The 25th World Championship 5-Pins Individual Open Logo Unveiled in Calangianus

The countdown to the 25th World Championship 5-pins Individual Open has officially started today at the Courthouse of Calangianus.

The core of the press conference – at the presence of Fabio Lubieri the Mayor of the Sardinian town, Andrea Mancino FIBIS President, and Fernando Requena UMB Vice President – was the event logo: ‘the island in a ball’ could be the definition of this image that from now onwards will identify the biggest event of 5-pins for next year.

The logo is the combination of the elements chosen to represent Sardinia (sunset, sun, sea, Mediterranean scrub) melted with the silhouette of a player and his cue: “This logo wants to be inclusive – The creator Fabio Molinas explains –  melting all the colors of Sardinia with the black drawings of the billiard elements as if you see them in the counter-light of our wonderful sunsets”.

The logo, revealed in a 3D colored print applied on a transparent plexiglass wall, has been really appreciated by everyone.

We wanted to identify this World Championship in a very innovative and modern way – explained Paolo Scaramuzzi, the organizer of the WC and President of FIBIS Sardinian Committee – Our sport has to be perceived in a new way: as the player in this logo”.

The presentation, which was held during the international event “Grand Prix Delle Nazioni” (13 European countries and 32 athletes) explains in part this strongly wanted innovation: the Grand Prix showed that 5-pins discipline is growing in Europe and for sure at the next World Championship the competition level will be higher for more countries.

Andrea Mancino, Fibis President explained this: “The participation of 13 countries at the Grand Prix shows that 5-pins specialty is increasingly spreading throughout Europe. This is thanks to CEB and UMB competitions, but also to some Italian instructors who teach to European Federations. I can say we win our bet and this is for sure the best premise for future events in Calangianus, first of all, the World Championship 2022”.

Also, Fernando Requena echoes Mancino’s words adding that “we are along the good path to make 5-pins grow. Thanks to the Municipality of Calangianus and to Sardinia as they really do so much to sustain and spread our sport”.