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The Union Mondiale de Billard (UMB) held its 32nd Congress and General Assembly in Valencia, Spain

València, October 17th 2022

The Union Mondiale de Billard (UMB) held its 32nd Congress & General Assembly in Valencia, Spain, on Saturday, October 15th, 2022.

15 countries and 4 delegations of the Confederations were present.

The successful organization of this General Assembly was in the experienced hands of the Royal Spanish Billiard Federation. It has been held in the venue of the “Ateneo Mercantil” of Valencia where previous committee meetings also took place.

The proposed changes to the UMB statutes and the presented financial statements about the past two-year period, as well as the budget for the next two years, have been unanimously approved by the General Assembly, discharging the UMB Board for the proper conduct of the financial matters during the period 2020-2021.

The election process of the Members of the Executive Committee by secret ballot voting resulted in the re-election of the current Members for the next 4-year term, which will extend their tasks and responsibilities until the General Assembly of 2026: Farouk Barki, (EGY)  Fernando Requena, (ESP)  Herbert Thuer (AT), Ersan Ercan  (TK) and Rainer Selgrath (GER).

The Elected Members of the Executive Committee appreciate the confidence of the General Assembly for this new four-year assignment mandate and will, as in the past active years, apply all efforts to maintain and improve the sportive and financial welfare of the UMB at the highest possible level.