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The World 3-Cushion Survival 2023

Nikos Polychronopoulos (45, Greece) claimed his first career victory in the three-cushion  survival competition held in four years.

Polychronopoulos, who had failed four times in Billiards World Championship and World Cup finals, accomplished a feat after a 25-year playing career with this win.

Polychronopoulos defeated Tayfun Tasdemir (TK), Dao Van Li (VT) and Kim Jun-tae (KR) in the ‘World 3-Cushion Survival 2023’ final held at Vita 500 Coliseum in Jamsil, Seoul at 8:00 pm on the 20th won the championship The winning prize is $50,000.

The winner, Polychronopoulos, said: “I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time. I always tried and I never gave up. For 25 years, there were times when it was difficult, but I didn’t give up and kept trying. “I played with all my heart. I’m very happy”.

Lee Shin-Young (KR) won the women’s division of the ‘World 3-Cushion Survival 2023’ hosted by Afreeca TV.

The runner-up went to Choi Bo Mi (Soongsil University). Therese Klompenhouwer  (Netherlands), ‘the strongest in three-cushion women’, missed the first throw of the match and lost to Choi Bo Mi  0:1, remaining in 3rd place, while Park Jung-Hyun (Jeonnam) took the 4th place.

In the women’s final of this survival competition held at the ‘Vita 500 Coliseum’ in Jamsil, Seoul at 9:00 p.m. m. on the 19th, Lee Shin-Young scored 52 points (20 points each for the first and second half of the basic score). ) with an average of 1,200, and rose to first place.

Lee Shin-Yung said: “I didn’t think I would win. I’m very happy. It was very difficult to play behind Kloppenhouwer in the first half. I think it worked well in the second half.” I want to become a player who works hard and sets an example,” she revealed.