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The World Cup Returns to Las Vegas, After 19 Years

The last World Cup on the American continent was held in Medellin, Colombia in 2013. Nineteen years ago, in 2003, it was the last time a World Cup was held in the USA. That was also in Las Vegas, Nevada. Semih Sayginer was the winner back then.

It’s good news for billiards to have a prestigious tournament in this hemisphere. After all, we are a global sport. And let’s not forget: the roots of the 3-cushion game lie in the United States.

The Rio all-suite Hotel and Casino will be the venue for this event, the 189th World Cup in our history. As usual, the top 14 ranked players in the world have been seeded. Here they are, in order of ranking: Jaspers, Zanetti, Sánchez, Tran, H.J. Kim, Merckx, Tasdemir, Horn, Coklu, Bury, Sidhom, J.H. Heo, Sayginer, Blomdahl.

The UMB / CPB wildcard was given to Javier Teran of Ecuador, the two organizer wildcards went to Pedro Piedrabuena and Hugo Patiño of the USA.

What’s at stake?

Winner: € 16.000 – 80 ranking points

Runner-up: € 10.000 – 54 r.p.

3d / 4th place: € 6.000 – 38 r.p.

QF: € 3.500 – 26 r.p.

Last 16: € 2.500 – 18 r.p.

Last 32: € 1.500 – 10 r.p.

The event will be played on Predator tables, with Classone TP5 Blue cloth and DinaSphere balls.

You can watch all the action on YouTube, on the Five & Six channel.


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