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UMB 3-Cushion World Cup in Veghel

The fourth World Cup of 2023 will be played in Veghel, the Netherlands, from 22-28 October. The small city in the South of the country has also hosted World Cups in 2022, 2021 and 2019, with Torbjörn Blomdahl, Dani Sánchez and Haeng Jik Kim as the winners. For many years, Veghel was home to the Dutch 3-cushion championship, known as “The Masters”. There’s always an appreciative crowd in the old industrial building “De Koekbouw”, and the 148 player slots are easily filled. 

For this event, the UMB has seeded Jaspers, Zanetti, Blomdahl, Sidhom, M.W. Cho, Tasdemir, Merckx, H.J. Kim, Q.C. Tran, Bury, J.T. Kim, Polychronopoulos, J.H. Heo and Horn. The local wildcards were given to Jeffrey Jorissen and Sam van Etten, the UMB/AMECC wildcard went to Mohamed Abdin from Egypt. 

The tables in Veghel are Eureka Triangle, the cloth is Classone B2 Black, the balls are Dynasperes. As usual, group matches will be to 40 points with equalizer, the K.O. matches will be to 50 points without equalizing inning.  

Following “Veghel”, there will be a fifth 2023 World Cup in Korea in November, and a sixth in Egypt in December. Tran (124 pts), Tasdemir (116) and Blomdahl (116) are currently leading the race for the overall WC of 2023. 

All matches will be streamed by Afreeca TV, with English commentary.