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Waratthanun Lifts her Second World Women 6Red Title

Today at High End Snooker Club in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Waratthanun Sukritthanes of Thailand lifted her career’s second World Women 6Red Snooker title. In the final today she defeated India’s Vidya Pillai in straight sets of frames 4-0. Previously Waratthanun won the World Women 6Red Snooker title in the year 2018.

Waratthanun came to the venue with a very focused mindset and exhibited her excellence from the first frame where she potted regulation of shots to score 38-0.

Vidya fought back in the second frame and scored some quality 26 points, yet not sufficient and Waratthanun succeeded to add one more frame with the score 46-26.

Vidya had another chance in the third frame to cut the deficit but failed to culminate and fell short by 5 points to trail 0-3.

In the fourth frame, when Waratthanun on score of 6 gave a chance to Vidya, she took the initial lead of 17 points but after Waratthanun set the match winning break of 33 points to close the frame 39(33)-17 and won the match 4-0.

Being semi-finalists, Varshaa Sanjeev from India and Ploychompoo Laokiatphong from Thailand shared the bronze medal.

The presentation ceremony was attended by IBSF President Mr. Mubrak Al-Khayarin, Vice President Mr. Jim Leacy, Madam Chow Pui Hee, the Group Managing Director of Samaiden Group Brand and the Deputy President of MSBF Dato’ Mohd. Anis Hisham.