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WCBS Championship

The World Confederation of Billiards Sports is delighted to announce that it will hold its inaugural WCBS Championship in Turkey from 17-23 July 2023. The venue will be the TBF Billiard Complex in Ankara.

This will be a teams event, with eight teams in total (64 players) made up of four male and four female athletes per team who will contest the Championship. The format for this event is unique, the teams will compete for points, men vs men and women vs women. The two teams with the highest total of points after four days will contest the final on the fifth day. The format is round robin type and all athletes will compete twice daily for three days and once on the fourth day.

Four disciplines are involved in this competition, Carom, Chinese Pool, 9-Ball Pool, and Snooker. This is the first time that the Chinese Pool, also known as Heyball, will feature in a major event alongside the more widely known cue sports disciplines within the WCBS and its members. This game is rare in that it can really equal the men and women, and is suited to both pool and snooker players alike, and of course, carom players, who can easily adapt to any conditions.

Stay tuned for more.