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World Championship National Teams 3-Cushion 2023

Viersen, March 12nd 2023

In an emotional year for the country, Turkiye’s best 3-cushion players dug deep and gave it their all. Semih Sayginer and Tayfun Tasdemir were unstoppable in Viersen, where they gave their country the third World Title for National Teams in a row. The strong twosomes of Sweden, the Netherlands, and Spain had to settle for silver and bronze. 

Sunday’s first semifinal had its climax in the final inning between Jean-Paul de Bruijn and Tayfun Tasdemir. De Bruijn was on 39 but could not escape a kiss in his last shot. Tayfun coolly finished, adding to Sayginer’s surprisingly easy win over Dick Jaspers. 

Sweden took on Spain, and Dani Sánchez got the better of Torbjörn Blomdahl. Michael Nilsson came to the rescue with a win over Ruben Legazpi. The Swedes were the better team in the Scotch Double playoff. 

In the final between Sweden and Turkiye, Semih Sayginer was on fire. He ran off to a 20-5 lead in just 5 innings. Blomdahl made a great comeback (23-25) but Sayginer answered with another run of seven. The match ended on a high level: 40-29 in 13 innings. Michael Nilsson was beaten for the first time in the event when Tasdemir came from behind with a run of 14, and a few innings later produced the winning point for his team and country: 40-29 in 17 innings.  

The high run of the event was made by Dick Jaspers: 20. 

The best match was played by Torbjörn Blomdahl: 40 in 11. 

The best team tournament average was played by Turkiye: 1.818.